Booster Auto Boxes

Tapepro Booster Auto Boxes feature a spring loaded pressure plate (lid) that helps force joint compound out of the box. This reduces the effort required and is particularly handy for out of position or difficult to reach areas.
The springs are positioned so that they operate to close the pressure plate. For control, the pressure plate is held in position by a ratchet mechanism which is released when the box is positioned on a flat surface such as a wall or ceiling. The release pawl rotates about the wheel axle, and features a wheel that runs on the underside of the box.
When the box is positioned on the wall, pressure is applied to the wheel which rotates the pawl out of engagement with the arc. This allows the springs to apply pressure to the compound to reduce the pressure required from the operator.When the box is removed from the wall, the pawl re-engages and prevents the operation of the springs, stopping the flow of joint compound.

  • Reverse springs – easier to push
  • Durable components
  • Easy to operate
  • Reduced fatigue
Flat Box Bead Guides

Transform your Tapepro Flat Box into a quick and easy way to finish out any style of outside corner: metal, plastic or paper face bead.
Installation is quick and easy, do-it- yourself or your local tool repair specialist can get you up and running those corners in nothing flat. Just drop one side of the box over the crown of the corner and the Bead Guides will keep you running right down the bead providing a full smooth fill.
Click on “Movie” to see them in action!
Give yourself an edge over the competition, get some Bead Guides!

  • Durable Stainless Steel guides
  • Unique torsion spring action
  • Inner guide compresses against wall
  • Angular deflection of outer guide ensures no scraping on adjoining surface

Fits all Tapepro, Blue Line and Premier flat boxes.

T2 Flat Boxes

The Tapepro T2 Flat Boxes provide a second tier alternative to the popular Blue 2 range and feature a different method of construction, blade holder sealing and setting adjustment.
The T2 box plates are assembled with fasteners and tie rods and the brass blade holder features an integral rubber seal. The blade pressure/coat thickness is controlled by a cam and flat spring, with two actuating pins.
The profile and size of the boxes is the same as the Blue 2 and they share many components. They perform in the same way to provide the best flat finishing.

  • Rugged design built to last
  • Large capacity boxes deliver increased productivity
  • Simple cam wheel for adjusting blade tension allows easy accurate setting for the perfect crown
  • CNC machined brass blade holder provides controllable flexing of the hardened steel blade to provide an accurate coat form and thickness.
  • Anodized marine grade aluminium plates – can be replaced individually if damaged
  • Pressure plate lid opens wide allowing easy access for cleaning
  • Pressure plate mounted on axle with bearings for smoother operation
  • Wheels run inside blade width – this means the last thing on the wall is the blade, and very handy for butt joints.
  • Can be fitted with FBBG bead guides for corner or shadow beads
  • Can be fitted with RP-200 Recess Plate for faster work flow filling the board recess after taping
  • Repair part kits available to replace common wear parts