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Automatic Taper

The BEST Automatic Taper on the market!
Featuring a superior design, the Tapepro Automatic Taper simultaneously applies paper tape and the correct amount of joint compound to all flat and internal angle joints on walls and ceilings.

  • Rugged design built to last
  • Unique quick release head for ease of cleaning
  • Easily removed cover plate for easy access to internal parts
  • Easy to use control tube with extra wide rollers to reduce wear
  • Simplified design with less moving parts
  • Easily adjustable backup roller tension
  • Stainless steel drive chain
  • Larger filler valve delivers faster loading
  • Improved feed mechanism allows incremental feeding of tape without causing rips
  • Pull ring on control tube for extended reach
  • Swivel tape keeper stays attached to make changing tapes quicker
Blue 2 Flat Boxes

The Tapepro Flat Boxes are high capacity, and feature a unique peened construction for additional strength.
Tapepro Flat Boxes apply joint compound to all flat recess and butt joints, automatically crowning the joint and feathering the edges.
The pressure plate is fitted to an axle for the smoothest operation. The wheels are mounted on a fixed axle for more rigidity and run inside the blade width so the blade is always the last thing on the wall – very handy for butt joints!

  • Rugged design built to last
  • Larger capacity boxes deliver increased productivity
  • Improved design for adjusting blade tension allows easy accurate setting for the perfect crown
  • Anodized marine grade aluminium plates peened together for superior durability
  • Pressure plate lid opens wide allowing easy access for cleaning
  • Pressure plate mounted on axle with bearings for smoother operation
  • Wheels run inside blade width
  • New springs allow easy and full opening of lid
  • Can be fitted with FBBG bead guides for corner or shadow beads
  • Can be fitted with RP-200 Recess Plate for faster work flow filling the board recess after taping
Booster Auto Boxes

Tapepro Booster Auto Boxes feature a spring loaded pressure plate (lid) that helps force joint compound out of the box. This reduces the effort required and is particularly handy for out of position or difficult to reach areas.
The springs are positioned so that they operate to close the pressure plate. For control, the pressure plate is held in position by a ratchet mechanism which is released when the box is positioned on a flat surface such as a wall or ceiling. The release pawl rotates about the wheel axle, and features a wheel that runs on the underside of the box.
When the box is positioned on the wall, pressure is applied to the wheel which rotates the pawl out of engagement with the arc. This allows the springs to apply pressure to the compound to reduce the pressure required from the operator.When the box is removed from the wall, the pawl re-engages and prevents the operation of the springs, stopping the flow of joint compound.

  • Reverse springs – easier to push
  • Durable components
  • Easy to operate
  • Reduced fatigue
Compound Tube

The Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube is a robust and simple multi purpose tool.
It can be fitted with the Applicator Head (AH-38) for dispensing ribbons of joint compound to both sides and apex of internal angle joints, horizontal or vertical, prior to applying paper tape by hand.
The Outside Applicator Head (OAH) can be fitted for use on external angles – perfect for fitting Trim-Tex Mud Set Bead!
It can also be fitted with the 75mm Corner Glazer, or the 65, 75 and 90mm Corner Finishers (CF-65, 75, 90; CFP-75) for finishing internal corner joints, the Cornice Head range, the FAN Flat Applicator Nozzle, AIA Manta-Ray and the FTA Flat Tear-way Applicator.
Now available in 600mm nominal length (CA-T24).

  • Robust aluminium main tube, powder coated for durability
  • Piston head features two lip seals for positive sealing
  • High flow nozzle made from acetal with a stainless steel ball
  • Quick release nozzle and piston rod for easy cleaning
  • O Ring seal behind the nozzle
Corner Box

The Tapepro Corner Box is designed to deliver joint compound to the Corner Finisher or Corner Glazer. Featuring our rugged peened plate construction and advanced axle design, the Tapepro Corner Box delivers effortless performance.

  • Super tough peened construction
  • High capacity for higher productivity
  • Long reach cone for tight corners
  • Safety cable to attach to Corner Finisher
  • Easy open/close pressure plate for complete cleaning
  • Pressure plate is mounted on an axle for smoother operation
Corner Finisher

The Tapepro Corner Finisher is the finest precision built finisher on the market! When fitted to the Tapepro Corner Box, joint compound is forced through the Corner Finisher into the angle; the finisher then feathers the edges to produce a smooth joint.
The 65mm Corner Finisher is designed to be used in conjunction with the Corner Finisher Handle to glaze off excess compound and feather the edges after using the Corner Roller.
The 75mm and 90mm finishers apply a finishing coat when fitted to the Corner Box or Compound Tube.

  • Precision machined billet aluminium head provides durability and performance
  • Fabricated stainless steel frames provide a superior fit to the head ensuring smooth operation
  • Carbide blades provide maximum wear resistance
  • Additional springs and adjuster clip achieve the perfect spring tension
Corner Roller

For bedding paper tape into internal angles, there’s nothing better than a Tapepro Corner Roller. Designed for use after the Tapepro Automatic Taper or Mud Box, the self aligning rollers force compound into the apex of the corner and force excess compound out. Nothing beds in paper tape better.

  • Die cast aluminium body for durability and performance
  • Durable solid stainless steel rollers and Delrin Acetal bushings provide smoother operation
  • Swivel attachment adjusts to angle
  • Larger 1-1/8″ tube for reduced fatigue and ultimate comfort and control
Cornice Heads

Makes installing cornice FASTER:

Install cornice in half the time of traditional methods.

Reduces Fatigue:

Takes the physical wear and tear out of cornice installation by reducing lifted cornice weight and improving on the clumsy hand buttering process.

Produces higher quality results:

Applies a consistent measured bead of adhesive to the wall and ceiling.

Makes less mess:

Provides more control over adhesive wastage.

Flat Box Bead Guides

Transform your Tapepro Flat Box into a quick and easy way to finish out any style of outside corner: metal, plastic or paper face bead.
Installation is quick and easy, do-it- yourself or your local tool repair specialist can get you up and running those corners in nothing flat. Just drop one side of the box over the crown of the corner and the Bead Guides will keep you running right down the bead providing a full smooth fill.
Click on “Movie” to see them in action!
Give yourself an edge over the competition, get some Bead Guides!

  • Durable Stainless Steel guides
  • Unique torsion spring action
  • Inner guide compresses against wall
  • Angular deflection of outer guide ensures no scraping on adjoining surface

Fits all Tapepro, Blue Line and Premier flat boxes.

Flat Box Handles

The Tapepro Flat Box Handle is the industry leader in design and comfort. Our large range of handles feature a unique braking system that engages at any angle.
The Tapepro Flat Box handles attach to Flat Boxes and are available in 600, 900, 1050, 1200, 1500 and 1800mm lengths. Handle Extensions are also available in 600 and 1200mm to provide additional reach.

  • All position brake
  • Comfortable tube size
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Easy attachment of extension handles
  • NEW – 600mm version now available

The Tapepro Drywall Tools Straight Glazers let you glaze off taped internals with ease. Run the Glazer from top to bottom and it will simultaneously wipe off excess compound and feather the edges, leaving you with a perfect first coat.
The Straight Glazers are designed to be used with the Corner Finisher Handle (CFH-1200,CF-XH) as a two step process: apply compound with Compound Tube or Corner Box using the AH-38 Applicator Head, then glaze with the straight glazer.
The Tapepro Corner Glazer is a one step tool similar to a Corner Finisher and is designed to be used with the Corner Box or Compound Tube; applying compound and finishing in one pass.

  • Durable Acetal skids and ball socket for reduced friction
  • Easy snap fit attachment
  • Flat stainless steel spring for correct pressure
  • Easy replacement of wear parts
  • Excellent value
Loading Pump

The Tapepro Drywall Tools Loading Pump is truly the world’s toughest pump. Featuring a superior design this robust tool can be used with quick-set or air drying compounds to fill all the tools in the Tapepro range. The stainless steel clips provide quick release of the pump tube, allowing efficient and easy cleaning.
The self priming pump spring eliminates the need to prime your pump providing contractors with a pump that is Primed for Action!

  • Rugged Aliminium and stainless steel components
  • Powder coated pump tube
  • Quick release detent ring pin in handle for easy stowage
  • Longer pump handle for added leverage and less fatigue
  • Precision machined head
  • Quick release clips mounted on pump head for easy cleaning
  • Piston valve spring ensures a positive seal
  • Quick release foot valve for easy cleaning

Adjustable Inside Applicator

Tapepro continues to innovate with the “Manta Ray” Adjustable Inside Applicator.
This applicator head is designed to apply joint compound to splayed internal angles, prior to fitting corner bead.
It features spring loaded wings that provide a range of movement from 160 to 100 deg. It does not apply compound to the apex of the joint so is perfect for expansion type corner beads which incorporate a flexible centre.
Great for Trim-Tex Mud Set Magic Corner or Trim-Tex Mud Set Adjustable Inside corner bead, but also suitable for other “mud-on” beads.

It is a snap fit to the Tapepro Compound Tube and also incorporates a new locking screw to ensure security.

Patent Pending

  • Precision CNC machined from high strength low friction industrial plastic
  • Spring loaded range of 160-100 deg
  • Snap fit onto compound tube
  • Added locking screw for security on compound tube
Mud Box

The Tapepro Mud Box™ simultaneously applies paper tape and the correct amount of joint compound to all flat and internal angle joints.
It can be used with 75 or 150m rolls of paper tape, and features a spring loaded combination creaser wheel and tape cutter.
The Tapepro Mud Box™ is made of durable polycarbonate with rugged stainless steel and aluminium components.
It is easily cleaned and can be used with chemical setting compounds.

  • Rugged design built to last
  • Durable polycarbonate body
  • Large tape wheel
  • Combo creaser wheel/cutter
  • Mud flow adjuster
Mud Box Pro

The Tapepro Mud Box Pro is an innovative improvement on the original model, the WMB-L Mud Box.

This tool fills the void between an automatic taper and a banjo, but has the functional features of the automatic taper.
The easiest taping tool to learn to use and also the easiest to clean, the Mud Box Pro simultaneously applies paper tape and joint compound to flat and internal angle joints.

  • Separate creaser wheel/cutter, each operated by rear controls
  • Cut tape by pulling a handle – no need to take the tape wheel off the wall
  • Feed roller allows you to continue taping after cut-off
  • Longer tape arms for increased reach
  • New tape spool spring design to prevent bending
  • Same simple mud bath operation
  • Simple and robust design

The latest update features the same polycarbonate body as the updated WMB-L model, main features are:

  • 0.5kg weight saving
  • Clear section on side plates to see compound level
  • Cable sleeves to protect cables and reduce exposure to compound, and to allow a reduction of arm length/weight
  • Bracing in lid for side plate rigidity
  • Better lid sealing along top side plate edge
Mud Heads

The Tapepro Corner Box and Compound Tubes can be fitted with a number of applicator heads, including the Cornice Heads and the Manta-Ray.
In addition we also have applicator heads for 90 deg internal and external corners, and flats.
Internal – AH-38, Applicator Head 38
For dispensing ribbons of joint compound to both sides and apex of internal angle joints, horizontal or vertical, prior to applying paper tape or internal beads by hand. Also for applying addition compound to internal joints for top coat finishing with Straight Glazers.
External – OAH, Outside Applicator Head
Perfect for mudding external angles prior to fitting Trim-Tex Mud Set Bead. This a great and extremely fast way to fit your corner beads!
Like the AH-38, the OAH is designed to apply joint compound to the apex, making for the strongest joint possible.
Flat – FTA, Flat Tear-away Applicator
Designed specifically for use with Trim-Tex Mud Set Flat Tear-away bead. This is a very quick and easy way to install bead and creates less mess.
Can also be used on any internal joint of any angle using a double pass – one in each direction.

Mud Shark Flat Applicator

The Tapepro Flat Applicator Compound Tube is a fantastic addition to our range.
Like the compound Applicator Tube, it is simple and robust.
It has two main functions: it can be used to fill the recess in flat joints for taping. Some plasterers have done this in the past using a flat box – this is much better as it holds much more compound than a flat box, and you can draw compound straight out of the bucket! Quick!
It can also be used to fill your flat boxes. Simply draw the compound out of a bucket, place the nozzle into the flat box and fill – very quick and easy.

  • Robust aluminium main tube, powder coated for durability
  • Piston head features two lip seals for positive sealing
  • Quick release nozzle and piston rod for easy cleaning
  • O Ring seal behind the nozzle
  • High flow nozzle made from industrial plastic with special mud wings
  • Includes replaceable 135mm blade (same material as flat box blades)
  • Flat Applicator Nozzle (FAN) also available separately
Nail Spotters

The Tapepro Drywall Tools Nail Spotters are built for speed and comfort. Advanced design features include wheels located inside the blade width. The industry leading Tapepro Nail Spotters are designed to fill nail and screw indentations, allowing quick application over multiple nail lines.
The Nail Spotters feature the Tapepro distinctive peened method of construction for superior rigidity. The pressure plate is mounted on an axle which runs on nylon bearings, providing the smoothest and most accurate operation.

  • Superior peened construction
  • Axle mounted pressure plate for the smoothest operation
  • Adjustable interlock handle position
  • Larger 1-1/8″ tube for reduced fatigue and ultimate comfort
  • Wheels on a fixed axle for smooth gliding
  • Kick plate for quick positioning on walls
  • Easy opening door for quick cleaning
Outside Corner Roller

The Tapepro Outside Corner Roller is designed to be used on a variety of 90 degree outside corner beads including Trim-Tex™, No-Coat and Hydrotrim™.
It features a stainless steel sheet metal body with acetal rollers and stainless steel bushes. The rollers pivot in the centre allowing for corners that are not exactly 90 degrees and corner beads that have either tapered or parallel legs.
The OCR can be fitted to a standard 1200mm handle or the Pro-Reach Extendable Handle (XH).

  • Durable stainless steel body
  • CNC machined acetal rollers and stainless steel bushes
  • Rollers pivot in the centre to allow for angular inconsistencies and/or tapered corner bead legs
P Series Corner Finisher

The Tapepro P series corner finisher features a low friction high strength industrial plastic body. This requires fewer parts, reducing cost.
The stainless steel frames have been laser cut and machined for accuracy and feature super wear resistant cemented carbide blades and skids.
When fitted to the Tapepro Corner Box or Compound Tube, joint compound is forced through the Corner Finisher into the angle; the finisher then feathers the edges to produce a smooth joint.

Pro-Reach Flat Box Handle

The Tapepro extendable handle retains the same look and feel as our fixed length handle range, and extends from 980 to 1600mm – pretty handy for switching from wall joints to ceilings.

  • Extends from 980 to 1600mm (4 positions)
  • Weighs 1.4kg
  • Durable anodised tubes
  • Anodised head for increased wear resistance
  • Same comfortable tube size and ergonomic grip
  • Same proven all position brake
Pro-Reach Handle

The Tapepro Drywall Tools Pro-Reach eXtendable Handle is a multi-purpose extendable handle that fits a range of popular tools:
with CFA024 for use with straight glazers or corner finishers (CF-XH),
with the CRA001 Corner Roller Head (CR-XH),
with 55mm or 75mm Nail Spotters, (NS-XH-55, NS-XH-75) or
with Corner Box using XH023 adaptor stud (CA-XH).
The handle can also be purchased as XH (with no attachments).

  • Length 960mm to 1600mm
  • Durable anodised tubes
  • Comfortable tube size
  • CR014 common fitting for range of attachments
Pro-Reach SuperLite

What happens when the Pro-Reach range meets the SuperLite range? You get the best of both!
The FHX-SL handle uses a new filament wound carbon fibre tube, and the same lightened head and hollow pivot pin from the SuperLite handles. As with the normal FHX, the head has been anodised for greater wear resistance – and looks so good in black!
This new extendable is 200g lighter than the old one, and all the weight saving is at the head end where you feel it most.
The carbon fibre tube has the added advantage of being more comfortable, especially in winter when aluminium tubes can be very cold. The filament wound tube is very strong and also provides some grip for your hand.

  • Weight: 1.2kg (2.6 lb)
  • Length: 980 – 1600mm, 4 positions
  • Carbon fibre outer tube, anodised aluminium inner tube
  • Anodised head
  • Hollow pivot pin
Recess Plate

The RP-200 Recess Plate is designed to be fitted to a Tapepro 200mm Flat box, to reduce the finished width to 140mm.
This is great for filling the recess after taping and provides a clean machine finish, feathered at the shoulder of the recess.
It works well in the following system:
Tape in flat joints using a Mud Box
Flatten tape with a joint knife (same speed as Mud Box)
Fill and finish recess with Flat Box and Recess Plate (same speed as Mud Box)
When dry, coat with 200mm Flat Box
When dry, finish with 300mm Flat Box
The Recess Plate fits under the edge of the skids, and is retained by spring pressure on the wheel axle.
Depending on compound consistency, try a blade tension setting of 4 or 5.

  • LASER cut from durable stainless steel sheet metal
  • Easy fitment to 200mm Tapepro Flat Boxes
  • Not permanent – easily removed
Shorty Flat Box Handle

The new “Shorty” mini handle from Tapepro allows you to get close to your flat box, real close.
The Shorty attaches to your flat box the same way as normal handles, but has no moving parts – no brake. It consists of a control grip, and a push plate. The grip can be be adjusted for height and angle, and it’s easy to sweep the flat box off the wall. It feels more like an extension of your hand.
Handy for confined spaces where a normal handle won’t fit, or for added control and balance when working at height – great for scaffold work or when using stilts. You’ll also find those high or low joints easier when you can get closer to your flat box.
The Shorty handle can also be used to give an “Auto Box” style assist. Simply extend the fingers from the hand on the push plate and grab the lip of the flat box radius plate. You can then squeeze the two together to push more compound out. Handy when you’re in a difficult position.

  • Adjustable Grip – Use 4mm or 5/32″ allen key to adjust the grip both vertically and horizontally
  • More Power – Rest your hand on the push plate and loop your fingers over the front of the box for an “Auto Box” like action
  • Precision Control – The comfortable and ergonomic grip allows complete control over the path of your Flat Box
  • Compact Size – Coat joints in tight spaces like cupboards, toilets and hallways fast using your Flat Box
  • Simplified Design – No moving parts
Slayer Corner Kit

Tapepro has teamed up with Wallboard Tools to bring you a new kit with everything you need to tape and finish 90 deg internal joints: the Slayer Corner Kit.

What’s included:

  • 1200mm Tool Case
  • Compound Applicator Tube
  • Applicator Head
  • Straight Glazer 55mm
  • Straight Glazer 75mm
  • Corner Roller with 960mm Handle
  • Corner Finisher Handle 960mm
  • What it does:

  • Draw compound straight from the bucket with the Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube
  • Attach the Applicator Head to the Compound Applicator Tube to dispense the correct amount of base compound to 90º internal corners before fitting paper joint or corner tape
  • Bed-in tape using the Tapepro Corner Roller
  • Glaze off the first coat of compound using the Corner Finisher Handle and 55mm Straight Glazer then allow the corner to set and dry
  • Using the Applicator Head and Compound Tube apply finishing compound to the corner
  • Finish using the Corner Finisher handle and 75mm Straight Glazer
  • SuperLite Flat Box Handles

    The Tapepro SuperLite handles feature cutting edge technology to provide the lightest handle with the same size and feel as our other handles.
    These new handles feature an industry first: carbon fibre tubes! Coupled with a hollow pivot pin and extra CNC machining on the head, the new handles really are SuperLite!
    Save your body, try our new SuperLite handles.

    • Carbon Fibre tube
    • Lightened head
    • All position brake
    • Comfortable tube size
    • Ergonomic grip
    T2 Flat Boxes

    The Tapepro T2 Flat Boxes provide a second tier alternative to the popular Blue 2 range and feature a different method of construction, blade holder sealing and setting adjustment.
    The T2 box plates are assembled with fasteners and tie rods and the brass blade holder features an integral rubber seal. The blade pressure/coat thickness is controlled by a cam and flat spring, with two actuating pins.
    The profile and size of the boxes is the same as the Blue 2 and they share many components. They perform in the same way to provide the best flat finishing.

    • Rugged design built to last
    • Large capacity boxes deliver increased productivity
    • Simple cam wheel for adjusting blade tension allows easy accurate setting for the perfect crown
    • CNC machined brass blade holder provides controllable flexing of the hardened steel blade to provide an accurate coat form and thickness.
    • Anodized marine grade aluminium plates – can be replaced individually if damaged
    • Pressure plate lid opens wide allowing easy access for cleaning
    • Pressure plate mounted on axle with bearings for smoother operation
    • Wheels run inside blade width – this means the last thing on the wall is the blade, and very handy for butt joints.
    • Can be fitted with FBBG bead guides for corner or shadow beads
    • Can be fitted with RP-200 Recess Plate for faster work flow filling the board recess after taping
    • Repair part kits available to replace common wear parts
    Tool Cases

    Tapepro Tools Cases are the best way to protect your valuable tools. The TC-1200 is perfect for internal tools while the TC-1400 is large enough to hold an Automatic Taper and the rest of your finishing tools, yet small enough to fit easily into your vehicle. The addition of wheels on the bottom of the TC-1400 make it so much easier to carry your tools onto the job, maybe in one trip!


    • Aluminium outer with reinforced corners
    • Four latches
    • Comfortable handle
    • 1230mm x 350mm x 115mm, 7kg


    • Checker plate aluminium
    • Four latches, two separate locking points
    • Two comfortable handles
    • Roller wheels at one end
    • 1400mm x 360mm x 175mm, 9.5kg
    • Long enough for an Auto Taper
    • Deep enough for flat boxes
    Twister Flat Box Handle

    Tapepro Drywall Tools is continually looking for new ways to make your job easier.
    If you’ve ever had to cut down sheets and ended up with flat joints at 600mm, 1800mm, or even 2400mm, you know how punishing that can be on your body.
    Now you can use the Tapepro Twister™ Flat Box Handle, and adjust the handle to suit you, not the other way around. The Twister™ allows you to rotate the handle so that you can use a more comfortable position (from the floor), reducing stresses in your body.

    • Standard FHX Handle – extends from 980 to 1600mm (4 positions)
    • FH001 Connector Plate replaced with TSP Twister™ Swivel Plate
    • Adjustable friction setting using star wheel
    • Weighs 1.5kg
    • TSP Swivel Plate available separately for retro fit to Tapepro Handles