6″ Flat Box

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The new 6” (150mm) Flat Box from Tapepro can be used for a variety of tasks including coating beads (external, internal or splayed) coating screw indentations and filling flat recess joints. The 6” Flat Box has the usual Tapepro wheel axle with the wheels running inside the blade width. This is very handy for coating internal beads or anywhere up to an adjacent edge.

This box also comes standard with new Flat Box BumpersTM. These fit over the skids and provide a bumper to prevent the blade from catching or scraping an adjacent surface. An added advantage is that these bumpers will help protect the brass blade holder from damage as they sit just proud of the blade.
The Flat Box BumpersTM can also be retro fitted to any Tapepro flat box, giving you protection for your blade holder.

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