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Solid ModelingTapepro Rentals

Tapepro makes the most of cutting edge technology and uses Solidworks to design all of its products. Solidworks is an innovative Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) package that provides many benefits over 2D CAD:

  • Solidworks is a true 3D drafting environment where digital solid models are created.
  • Models can be assigned a material which provides information about mass, and physical properties such as stress and strain.
  • Solidworks is parametric so allows changes to the model as you progress through design.
  • 2D drawings are easily created from the 3D model and are dynamically updated if the model changes.
  • Solidworks can export to a huge variety of formats to allow easy compatibility with suppliers systems and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).



Tapepro leverages advanced manufacturing techniques to bring you the best tools.

We rely heavily on Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining and the high reliability accuracy it delivers.

CNC machining allows us to produce complex shapes like the Compound Tube nozzle.

Our wiper seals and Corner Glazer skids are injection moulded.

This machine operates at pressures up to 30,000 PSI with a clamping pressure of 80 tonnes!!

Most of our sheet metal parts are either turret punched or LASER cut. This machine can punch 150 hits per min through 3mm thick aluminium or 2mm thick stainless steel sheet. The LASER cutter can cut up to 10mm thick aluminium or 12mm stainless steel.


Our skilled assemblers ensure you get the best products:

Tapepro Assembly
Tapepro Assembly

  Tapepro Tips and Tricks

Wiper Seal Replacement

To make it easier to fit new wiper seals to your Tapepro Flat Box or Loading Pump, try warming them up in some warm water first!

Mudbox Tape Drag

Reducing Mud Box tape dragThe Tapepro Mudbox is a fantastic tool that makes taping in joints a breeze. It is a simple, robust and reliable tool, yet it isn’t perfect. Depending on your technique, it can suffer from tape drag.

Tape drag is when the tape moves on top of the layer of compound as you tape in the joint, so the end moves away from the starting point.

The lower end tools (Banjo's) require you to hold the tape as you use the tool. At the higher end we have the Automatic Taper which is a much more sophisticated tool, but can still suffer from a little bit of tape drag in internal corners.

    To reduce drag:
  • Ensure that the tape wheels are leading
  • Force the tape wheels into the wall to pinch the tape between the wall and the tape wheels – if you just roll out the tape, it is floating on a bed of plaster and will move.
  • Use a slightly thinner compound consistency.
  • Try not to tape internals with a freshly filled mudbox as this is when it has the most friction on the tape.
  • Try not to put too much pressure on the creaser wheel as this also increases friction.

  Hot News

Want to fit some guides to the sides of your Tapepro Flat Boxes?

Make a meal of finishing external joints – fit the new Tapepro Edge Guides!

Available soon!

Tapepro Assembly
Tapepro Assembly
Tapepro Assembly
Tapepro Assembly

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