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The Tapepro Cap

Merry Christmas!

Closing for Christmas!

Tapepro Drywall Tools will be shutting up shop for the Christmas period.

The Last day of trading for Tapepro will be Thursday the 22nd of December. We will re-open in the New Year on the 10th of January.

If you have repairs which are becoming more urgent, please make sure your equipment is to Tapepro by the 15th of December to ensure its repaired and returned to you before Christmas!

  New Product

The New CG-75 75mm Corner Glazer TM

The new 75mm Corner Glazer TM is designed as a topping tool for internals.

It is used to simultaneously apply compound (when fitted to a Corner Box or Compound Applicator Tube), and feather the edges in one pass.

It works just like a Corner Finisher, at a fraction of the price.


  Tapepro Tips and Tricks

Setting a Corner Finisher

1. NOTE: The blades are made from Tungsten carbide and are very brittle. The blade tips require a slight radius on the underside of the point to prevent tape rips. Use a silicon carbide stone to remove sharp edges. Setting the Blades on a Corner Finisher
2. Position the blades in the frame with the frame compressed, so that the points touch and are proud of upper clip by approx .015-.020" (0.4-0.5mm). Set the outer edge of blade so that it is approx .030" (0.8mm) proud of frame.
3. Adjust the position of the CF013 skids, so that when the finisher is placed on a flat surface face down, there is a four point contact between the blade ends, the CFA116 lower clip, and the lower edge of the skid.
4. The upper edge of the skid should be recessed from the blade approx .010" (0.25mm).
5. Test operation.

Alternatively send it into Tapepro for a service, or buy one of the new Corner Glazers.


Geoff - Tapepro Repairs Tech

Tapepro Repair and Maintenance Facility

As we head into the Christmas period, itís a great time to get your tools in for a service to make sure they are at their best when you get back to work. Send them in through your nearest distributor:
or direct to Wallboard Tools at any of their locations:

Donít forget to fill out a repair request form to send with your tools:

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