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Looking Ahead


2006 was a great year for Tapepro Drywall Tools!

We introduced two totally new tools; the CG-55 and CG-75. Both have been well received and continue to improve in sales.

We also introduced two new models of the Corner Finisher, the CF-65 and CF-90.

As well as new tools, we also incorporated two significant design improvements to existing tools:

  • The valve spring in the Loading Pump, making it prime free, and
  • New springs for the flat box pressure plate, allowing the lid to open fully without any hindrance from the springs.
  • 2007 is away and racing and looks like being another great year for Tapepro Drywall Tools.

    We've got some exciting new products and developments coming up, and they're all designed to make life easier for you!

      360 SQM IN 3 HOURS!!!

    360 SQM IN 3 HOURS!!!360 SQM IN 3 HOURS!!!

    Tapepro Drywall Tools likes to maintain a close working relationship with plasterers and went on site recently for some new product testing.

    Clinton Swan and Chris Nelson from Pro-set Plasterboard Contracting had approx 360 sqm of cathedral ceiling to finish on one job! - no problem.


    Using a Tapepro flat box and handle they did the second coat in 3 hours flat - not rushing, just a systematic approach to the job.

    After drying, they finish coated; again in 3 hours.

    They were very pleased and indicated that if they had been doing it by hand it would have taken them 3-4 days.

    360 SQM IN 3 HOURS!!!What time could you be saving?

    Got a similar story? We'd love to hear it so send it in to info@tapepro.com .

    Watch a quick movie by clicking the link below
    360 SQM IN 3 HOURS!!!

      Tapepro Tips and Tricks

    Fitting a Flat Box Overhaul Kit

    Flat Box Repair KitAs an example of the kits offered by Tapepro to keep your tools in perfect working order, in this issue we'll take a look at the Flat Box Overhaul kit - FBK03 - *** This kit comes in a clamshell pack and includes all the parts you are likely to need to completely overhaul your flat box after a long period of heavy use (at a significant discount to the individual parts cost). These are the instructions printed on the back of the kit.

    Before removing any components, ensure that the box is clean and dry.

    FBK03 Contents

    FBK01 Maintenance Kit x 1 F034 Spring x 1
    FBK02 Service Kit x 1 F028 10-32 Wing Nut x 2
    F039 Blade Holder x 1 F042 Pressure Plate Spring x 2
    F044 Blade Holder Tab x 4 AT042 4-40 x 5/16" Screw x 2

    Skids and Blade
    1. Remove the F007 screws.
    2. Remove the F006 and F024 skids and blade assembly.
    3. Remove the AT042 adjusting screws from the blade holder.
    4. Remove the F044 blade holder tabs.
    5. Remove the F034 spring, by compressing the spring and removing the push rod.
    6. Remove the F021 screws.
    7. Remove the wheel and axle assemblies - separate components.
    Fitting Flat Box Repair Kit8. Remove the F042 pressure plate springs.
    9. Remove the AT062s securing the F027 pressure plate to the F025 axle.
    10. Remove the SA051s and F027 pressure plate.
    11. Remove the F025 axle.
    12. Remove the F008 nyliners.
    13. Remove the F030 wiper by pulling on the wiper end at right angle to the pressure plate. (Use a pair of pliers). The wiper should peel off the pressure plate.
    14. Remove the F017 wiper using the same method.

    Clean exposed surfaces.

    Fitting Flat Box Repair Kit1. Fit the new F017 wiper by pulling the nibs through the holes in the bottom plate of the box using a pair of pliers. Ensure wiper is fully seated against the bottom plate. Trim off excess ends of nibs leaving approx 3mm proud.
    2. Fit the new F030 wiper to the pressure plate using the same method, ensuring that the wiper nibs are inserted through the countersunk side of the holes.
    3. Fit new F008 nyliners using a twisting motion.
    4. Fit the new F025 axle and position with chamfered holes uppermost.
    5. Re-fit the F027 pressure plate and align with holes in axle, secure with AT062 screws using Loctite 243 or similar.
    6. Fit new F042 springs and SA051s.
    Fitting Flat Box Repair Kit Wheels
    7. Fit FA020 wheel assemblies onto F032 bushes and position AT221 washers.
    8. Align F018 wheel axle with F032 bushes and side plate holes.
    9. Fit F021 screws, assemble one side at a time then tighten.
    Blade and Skids
    10. Bend the new blade into a slight "W" shape, this keeps the blade secure.
    Bending a Flat Box Blade

    Fitting Flat Box Repair Kit11. Force the new blade into the new F039 blade holder, starting at one end. Replace AT042 screws.
    12. Fit new F044 blade holder tabs.
    13. Fit blade assembly and align slots with side plates.
    14. Fit new F006 and F024 skids using new F007 screws and Loctite 243 or similar.
    15. Adjust blade to correct height - 1mm to 1.5mm above skids.

      HOT NEWS!

    Improved Flat Box Handle

    Tapepro Flat Box Handles

    Tapepro flat box handles now sport a new ergonomic brake lever.

    Just one of the constant improvements made to our product range.

    Have a closer look at the Flat Box Handle
    >> Tapepro Flat Box Handle

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