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Tapepro Flat Box bead Guides

Flat Box Bead Guides FBBG

The Tapepro Flat Box Bead Guides easily attach to the sides of your Tapepro, Blueline or Premier flat boxes to make it quicker and easier to finish external corners.

By keeping the profile narrow, and as the Tapepro flat box wheels run inside the width of the blade, the FBBGs can also be used on shadow beads!

Just drop one guide over the edge, or into the recess on shadow line, and run the box with both wheels on the wall.

The interior guide just compresses out of the way. Easily turn around and finish in the opposite direction.

There is enough angular deflection of the guide to ensure they don't take off compound or leave marks when doing the other side of an external.

Grab a set today!



Tapepro Flat Box bead GuidesUsing FBBGs

When using a flat box fitted with FBBGs to finish an external angle or shadow bead, it is a good idea to first butter up the bead with base compound and allow it to set. This ensures that the bead will not move when applying your first top coat.

For best results, run a 200mm box first, then finish with a 250 or 300mm box.

Say goodbye to hollow exxies!



Mud Box Pro - MBP

NEW! Mud Box ProTapepro is proud to announce the release of a totally redesigned Mud Box the Mud Box Pro!

This tool has been a long time coming and provides a range of improvements over its predecessor.


  • Separate creaser wheel/cutter, each operated by rear controls.
  • Cut tape by pulling a handle no more taking the tape wheel off the wall.
  • Feed roller allows you to continue taping after cut-off.
  • Longer tape arms for increased reach.
  • New tape spool spring design to prevent bending.
  • Same simple mud bath operation.

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