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The Tapepro Automatic Taper

AT-2000 Automatic Taper

The Tapepro Automatic Taper is without doubt a specialist tool. Precision engineered and built to last, it can save you an enormous amount of time and energy.

It is designed to apply paper tape and joint compound simultaneously to flat joints and internals, and automatically dispenses the correct amount of compound under the tape regardless of the speed at which it is operated.

It is more suited to high volume production, and although more time is usually required to become proficient with the Automatic Taper than with some other tools, the skilled operator can easily recoup the initial outlay and time spent learning.

The Tapepro Automatic Taper
  Tapepro Tips and Tricks

Taping with the Tapepro Automatic Taper Get rid of dry tape!

Prevent Dry Patches under the Tape.

Whenever you are feeding tape with the AT-2000 control tube, it is imperative that the tape wheels are also driven forward.

This ensures that compound is being forced up the tube and onto the tape at the same time. If this is not done, the paper tape will drag some of the compound out of the head, which will result in a dry spot a short distance after you start taping.

So when you stop to cut the tape: return the control tube to the neutral position; keep the tape wheels on the wall and roll them forward to keep the joint compound flowing, and simultaneously move the control tube forward to feed out the new tab of tape. This ensures that pressure is maintained on the compound and the tape will be fully mudded.

Taping with the Tapepro Automatic TaperThe other thing to watch out for is that the tape wheels remain in contact with the wall and don't skid. If the tape wheels aren't turning, the compound is not being pumped out at the correct rate, and you may get dry patches of tape.

For more information on the Tapepro Automatic Taper, visit the 'Products' section of the Tapepro Drywall Tools website, or click the link below
>> The Tapepro Automatic Taper

Need some more help with your Tapepro Automatic Taper?
>> Download the Tapepro Automatic Taper Manual (pt 1)
>> Download the Tapepro Automatic Taper Manual (pt 2)

  HOT NEWS! Product Preview

75mm Tapepro Corner Glazer

The 75mm Corner Glazer is coming!

The 55mm Corner Glazer (CG-55) has been quickly accepted by the market place and big brother is about to join the Tapepro line up. The CG-75 is a topping tool that is designed to be used in conjunction with either a Compound Tube (CA-T) or Corner Box (CA-H). The 75mm Corner Glazer (CG-75) simultaneously applies joint compound to internal angles, and feathers the edges. List price through Wallboard Tool Company of only $324.50 inc GST!!

Look out for the 75mm Corner Glazer in October 2006

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