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Hot New Products - SuperLite Handles

SuperLite Handle

Carbon fibre composites are amazing materials: stiff, light and extremely strong. Many of us have enjoyed the benefits of performance sporting equipment utilising carbon fibre: in bicycles, motorcycles, golf clubs, water sports etc.
Tapepro have led the way in introducing this material to the plastering tool industry.
Now available are two fixed length SuperLite flat box handles that feature a carbon fibre tube. To further reduce weight the handle head has received some extra machining and the pivot pin is now hollow.
The weight comparison will amaze you - the new handles are approximately 40% lighter!
Available in 900mm and 1200mm.
Code: FHSL-900, FHSL-1200

T2 Flat Boxes

T2 Flat Boxes

The new T2 Flat Boxes feature an alternate method of construction and provide an economical option for plasterers.
The T2 boxes are assembled with fasteners and tie rods and feature a floating brass blade holder with an integral rubber seal. The CNC machined brass blade holder provides controllable flexing of the hardened steel blade to provide an accurate coat form and thickness. A simple cam wheel is provided for adjusting blade tension and allows easy and accurate setting for the perfect crown.

Updated Loading Pump

Loading Pump

The Tapepro Loading Pump has had a couple of important improvements over the last few months.

The pump now features an encapsulated "O" ring seal where the barrel joins the head. This ensures that the "O" ring cannot be displaced under pressure - eg when you are filling your auto taper.

The pump also now features a quick release foot valve making it much easier to clean.