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Welcome Back

It has been some time since the last enews and we have been relying on news articles at tapepro.com and facebook to keep our customers informed. We have been quite busy with new products however and decided to re-do our newsletter. Hope you like the new format!

Booster Automatic Boxes

Booster Auto Box

The Tapepro Booster Auto Boxes have a spring loaded pressure plate which helps force the joint compound out making them easier to use.

The spring power is controlled by a ratchet mechanism which is released when the box is placed on the wall, and re-engages when you sweep the box off the wall. This reduces the effort required and makes high or out of position joint much easier to fill.

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Manta Ray

Adjustable Inside Applicator

Tapepro continues to innovate and has released another attachment for the versatile Tapepro Compound Tube.  This applicator head is designed to apply joint compound to splayed internal angles, prior to fitting corner bead.

The "Manta Ray" Adjustable Inside Applicator features spring loaded wings that provide a range of movement from 160 to 100 deg. It does not apply compound to the apex of the joint so is perfect for expansion type corner beads which incorporate a flexible centre. Great for Trim-Tex Mud Set Magic Corner or Trim-Tex Mud Set Adjustable Inside corner bead, but also suitable for other “mud-on” beads.

It is a snap fit to the Tapepro Compound Tube and also incorporates a new locking screw to ensure security.

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Flat Tear Away Applicator

Flat Tear Away Applicator

In August 2012 we released an applicator head specifically designed for Trim-Tex Mud Set Flat Tear-Away bead.

The Flat Tear Away Applicator lays down a neat ribbon of joint compound which is perfect for this new bead, and we also released a new shorter compound tube more suited to detail work and confined spaces.

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