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Thursday 29 September

Recess Plate


The RP-200 Recess Plate is designed to be fitted to a Tapepro 200mm Flat box, to reduce the finished width to 140mm.
This is great for filling the recess after taping and provides a clean machine finish, feathered at the shoulder of the recess.

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Outside Corner Roller

Outside Corner Roller

The Tapepro Outside Corner Roller is designed to be used on a variety of 90 degree outside corner beads including Trim-Tex™ and Hydrotrim™.
It features a stainless steel sheet metal body with acetal rollers and bushes. The rollers pivot in the centre allowing for corners that are not exactly 90 degrees and corner beads that have either tapered or parallel legs.

CFP Series Corner Finisher

Corner Finisher

The Tapepro CFP series corner finisher features a low friction high strength industrial plastic body. This requires fewer parts, reducing cost.
The stainless steel frames have been laser cut and machined for accuracy and feature super wear resistant cemented carbide blades and skids.

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