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New Catalogue

Catalogue 2017

Tapepro has a brand new catalogue available for download today. We have designed, developed and introduced quite an array of tools since our last version in 2010 and an update was well due.

Along with our complete tool range the new catalogue now also incorporates details of service and repair kits, exploded diagrams and parts lists. Hopefully this will be a handy reference and help you keep your investment in quality tools in good working order.

Print copies will be available in the near future.

Available for download here: http://tapepro.com/download/831/

Slayer Corner Kit

Slayer Coner Kit

The Slayer Corner Kit has been available since mid last year and it has proven very popular, filling  a need in the market. There are many options in regards to how you finish internal angles and the Slayer Kit makes for a simple choice.

The kit contains:

  • 1200mm Tool Case
  • Compound Applicator Tube
  • Applicator Head
  • Straight Glazer 55mm
  • Straight Glazer 75mm
  • Corner Roller with 960mm Handle
  • Corner Finisher Handle 960mm