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Shorty Flat Box Handle

Shorty Flat Box Handle

The new "Shorty" Handle from Tapepro is like none of our other handles. The super short handle makes your flat box feel like a compound filled joint knife. Point it where you want to go, lean on the pressure plate and away you go.

With no moving parts it is very easy to use and lets you use your flat box in places that were impossible in the past.

The Shorty consists of a control grip, and a push plate. The grip can be be adjusted for height and angle, and it’s easy to sweep the flat box off the wall. It feels more like an extension of your hand.

Handy for confined spaces where a normal handle won’t fit, or for added control and balance when working at height – great for scaffold work or when using stilts. You’ll also find those high or low joints easier when you can get closer to your flat box.

The Shorty handle can also be used to give an “Auto Box” style assist. Simply extend the fingers of the hand on the push plate and grab the lip of the flat box radius plate. You can then squeeze the two together to push more compound out. Handy when you’re in a difficult position.

SuperLite Extendable

SuperLite Extendable

What happens when the Pro-Reach range meets the SuperLite range? You get the best of both!
Building on the success of the Pro-Reach handles and the new SuperLite carbon fibre handles, Tapepro now offers the Pro-Reach SuperLite – an extendable flat box handle with a lightened head and carbon fibre tube.

The new handle is 15% lighter, and the weight savings are at the head end where you will feel it most.
The new filament wound tube is strong, light and comfortable offering a nice grip and superior feel.

Web Site Update

New web site

The Tapepro web site last had a structural update in 09 and was not very well suited to mobile device browsing.

With that in mind we have updated the site so that it is now responsive and scales well on mobile devices. We also increased the image sizes and incorporated all the things you need when researching: videos, user guides, and exploded diagrams.

The old news posts are still there along with eNews archives. If you'd like something added, please let us know!

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