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APRIL 2006

    In this issue:
  • First issue
  • Repairs go on the road
  • Features of the Tapepro Corner Box
  • Tips and tricks
  • Tool demos

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The Tapepro Team

Tapepro is proud to release the first issue of eNews!

Regular features will include a feature on a Tapepro product, a "Tips and Tricks" section, and any Hot News.

In this issue we look at a recent trip to Cairns and Townsville, the Tapepro Corner Box, which has some new features, and in "Tips and Tricks" we look at the importance of compound consistency.

We also take a quick look at tool demonstrations.

We hope you enjoy eNews – please send any comments to info@tapepro.com

  Feature Story

Tapepro Repairs Go On The Road

Tapepro Repairs Road Trip

Recently our Tapepro Repair Technician, Geoff Kellahan, teamed up with the Wallboard Tools Queensland Sales Rep, Steve Guest, to do a fly in, fly out repair trip to service tools in Townsville and Cairns. The Lafarge Plastamasta stores in Townsville and Cairns did the ground work and rounded up enough repairs to make it worthwhile.

First up they flew to Cairns Sunday night, and then spent all day Monday doing repairs and offering advice; 15 repairs in total. The next day they drove to Townsville, through a quite heavy storm. As Geoff said "I don't think it was raining – I think we were driving underwater!" The plan had been to do some repairs in Townsville that day, however due to the slow trip that wasn't possible. Wednesday bright and early they got the repairs underway at Lafarge Plastamasta Townsville, and just like in Cairns, there was plenty to do; 16 in total.

PlastaMasta The stores were very happy and got quite a few people through the door, making quite a few sales on the day. Thanks very much to Helen and Steve in Cairns and their staff; and Raquel and her staff in Townsville.

If you're interested in a repair day, let us know!
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  Feature Product

Cornering the market...

Tapepro Corner Box Re-order code: CA-H
Description: Tapepro Corner Box with Handle
Price: $615.00 each + GST

The Tapepro Corner Box is designed to supply joint compound to the Corner Finisher (CF-75) or Corner Glazer (CG-75) to finish internal angles. It is made from rugged 2.5mm thick anodised marine grade aluminium plate, and features a super strong peened construction. The pressure plate is mounted on an axle which runs on nylon bearings, allowing an accurate seal to be maintained. The high flow stainless steel cone allows you to access tight corners. The handle can be fitted with either of the two Tapepro handle extensions, HE-600 or HE-1200. (The handle can also double as a 1200mm extension).

Tapepro Corner Box

  • Super strong construction
  • High capacity
  • Long reach cone for tight corners
  • Safety cable to attach to Corner Finisher

The Tapepro Corner Box can be filled by hand or by using the Tapepro Loading Pump (LP-EZ) and Flat Box Filler (FBF).

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  Tapepro Tips and Tricks

Compound Consistency

Mixing CompoundThis month in tips and tricks, we are looking at compound consistency and how important it is in achieving a good finish. There are basically two different types of joint compound:

  • Chemical setting or base compounds, and
  • Air drying compounds – as a powder or pre-mix.

Preparation instructions are printed on the container and should be followed closely.

When preparing joint compound, add the correct amount of water and mix vigorously for several minutes. Even the pre-mix compounds usually need a little water to achieve the correct consistency. Make sure there are no lumps and no free water on top.

Mixing Compound

The consistency you want is smooth and creamy. For taping, slightly thinner; for finishing boxes, slightly thicker.

The compound consistency you use in tools is thinner (more watery) than if you were setting by hand. This extra water also means that the compound may shrink more as it dries. The tools have been designed to allow for this and is the reason for the adjustable blade on flat boxes. This allows the flat box to apply a domed or crowned coat over the joint, which will then shrink back to flat.

Want to learn more about correct compond consistency to use in the Tapepro Automatic Tools?
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  Tool Demonstrations

Hands On with TAPEPRO

Tapepro Tool Demonstrations There’s nothing quite like seeing a tool in action to appreciate what it can do.

Tapepro, and its Australian distributor, Wallboard Tools, are happy to provide tool demonstrations to prospective customers, customer service and sales staff, and educational bodies.

Contact us, Wallboard Tools, or any of the distributors to arrange for a demonstration.

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