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The SG-75 : A welcome addition to the Glazer family

Available now - the new SG-75 Straight Glazer, a big brother to the SG-55.

The new SG-75 can be used after taping in for a wider first coat, or as a finishing tool.

When using it as a finishing tool, first apply more compound with a compound tube and AH-38, then run the SG-75 down the joint to evenly spread out the compound and feather the edges.

The SG-75 is designed to be used with the CFH-1200 Handle.

  Tapepro Tips and Tricks

Cutting it with the Mud Box Pro

MBP Cutting

When using the new Mud Box Pro taping machine, ensure that the tape wheels are leading. This is necessary for two reasons:

  • It reduces tape drag
  • It provides room for the cutter to operate without striking the wall

If you have taped right up to the wall or ceiling joint (too far) and don't have room to cut - you can roll the Mud Box Pro back along the tape, and then retract the excess tape by rotating the tape spool. You can then cut the tape in the correct place.


NEW Tool Case

Tapepro is proud to announce the release of a brand NEW Tool Case. We know you guys have been after one for some time, and this one is a beauty.

Tool Case


  • Checker plate aluminium
  • Four latches, two separate locking points
  • Two comfortable handles
  • Roller wheels at one end
  • Long enough for an Auto Taper
  • Deep enough for flat boxes, and handles in the lid
  For Info:


The Manager Tapepro Tools Australia

Having spent 43 years as a plasterer in Tasmania I felt that I needed to become smarter if I was to continue being a plasterer. Late 2007 & early January this year my work partner & I decided it was time to buy flat boxes etc., sheet lifters, & a dry wall sanding machine. It has been without a doubt the best purchase ever!!!

The finish we are achieving with our joins & angles is second to none, it is also less taxing on our bodies and being able to work off the floor in most cases it is a real time saver.

Thank you Tapepro.

Tim Heath

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