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New Stuff

Looking Ahead

Looking Back<>Looking Forward

2008 was an important year for Tapepro with several new tools released and a number of incremental improvements; in summary:

New Tools

  • Straight Glazers: SG-75, SG-90
  • Tool Case: TC-1400
  • Cornice Heads: CH-55, CH-75, CH-90
  • Pro-Reach™ Extendable handles:
    FHX, XH, CF-XH, CR-XH, NS-XH-55, NS-XH-75
Plus, due to popular demand, we brought the original Mud Box back into production.

Incremental Improvements

  • P003 piston wiper modified to give better static sealing
  • New cone and end cap for the compound tube, lighter weight components and a stainless steel ball for the cone.
  • New cast handle and link bracket for the pump
  • Strengthened the CG002
On top of that - we moved the factory down the road to a new premises in April to:

2/ 44 Dover Drive
QLD 4220

This year we will continue research and development of new tools and improvements, but we don't expect to release the same volume as last year.

Credit must go to Steve Bell, who invented the Cobok Cornice Heads, a great new tool that saves time and effort.

If there is something that you find frustrating or slow or in need of improvement, let us know. Likewise, if you have a new idea - don't be afraid to contact us.

I think there are enough people commenting on the credit crunch, however the next six months should indicate the true effect.

  Professional Edge

The New Tapepro Catalogue

Tapepro Catalogue

Available now - the new updated Tapepro Catalogue featuring all the new additions to our tool range.

See your distributor today to grab a copy.

You can also download it here (944kB)

  Tapepro Tips and Tricks

Pro-Reach™ Flatbox Handle


The new Tapepro Pro-Reach™ Extendable Flatbox Handle incorporates a brake mechanism inside the inner tube that links the FHX011S Strap to the FHX011R Rod.
It is important that this mechanism is not lubricated, so keep that WD40 spray away from the inner tube and rod (and also the handle head).

If necessary, spray some lubricant on a rag and then wipe it onto the inner tube - avoid excessive application. FHX


Wallboard Tools 2009 Buyers Guide

Buyers guide

Our Australian distributor, Wallboard Tool Co, has just released the 2009 version of its fantastic Buyers Guide.
Full of new products and all your favourites, along with all the details you need. Get one soon!

Download the electronic version here (8MB)

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