Tapepro eNews

Tuesday 19 January

New Flat Box Design


Tapepro is proud to announce the release of a new model Flat Box - the Blue 2.

Although we had made several changes to the old design, it was essentially the same as the Premier box from 20 years ago - time for an update!

The Blue 2 boxes feature a smaller side profile, while retaining the same capacity. We have changed the blade retainer design and all boxes now have two actuator pins.

The spacing of the ratchet teeth is now tighter and along with a lighter spring, provides a finer adjustment for compound coverage.


Put Mud on the Apex


Tapepro Angle Heads (AH-38) have been redesigned so that as well as two ribbons of joint compound, they now also apply a bead of compound to the apex of the corner.

This ensures that the paper tape is bedded into a complete layer of compound for the strongest joint.