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JULY 2006

    In this issue:
  • New Improved Pump!
  • Tips and tricks
  • Hot News! July - the final month for Tapepro promotion at WBT

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New Pump Primed for Action!

Isn't it a pain to have to prime a pump before use?

Wouldn't you rather put it in a bucket and start pumping compound straight away?

That's exactly what you can do with Tapepro's new improved “Primed for Action” pump.

Always looking for innovative ideas, Tapepro has made a couple of small improvements to its robust pump design which negates the need for priming – it's ready to go!

  Tapepro Tips and Tricks

Tapepro Flatbox Blade Smooth going!

When fitting a new blade to a Tapepro Flat Box, to ensure that it follows the position of the blade holder you need to put a couple of bends in the blade. We have found that a “W” shape works best:

  • make a slight bend at each end approximately 20mm in from the ends,
  • then make a bend in the middle in the opposite direction.
Tapepro Flatbox Blade

When fitting the blade to the blade holder, start at one end and press the blade into the groove. You may need a pair of pliers to press in the last bend.

This ensures that the blade is secure and that it will follow the position of the blade holder, which you control with the adjusting ratchet, giving you the profile you need for the best finish.

For more information on the Tapepro Flat Box, vist the 'Products' section of the Tapepro Drywall Tools website, or click the link below
Tapepro Flatbox Blade >> The Tapepro Flat Box

Need some more help with your Tapepro Flat Box?
>> Download the Tapepro Flat Box Manual

  Tapepro Tool Demo's

TAPEPRO on the Move!

Tapepro technician Geoff Kellahan has been following a hectic schedule of tool demonstrations and repair days around the country over the last couple of months.

Geoff and the Tapepro MudboxSince his trip to WA he has been to the following locations:

  • Browns Plains
  • Northgate
  • Brendale
  • Bowen
  • Mackay
  • Cowra
  • Archerfield
  • Townsville
  • Brookvale
  • Gosford
  • Newcastle
  • and Seven Hills

If you need a tool demonstration or would like to know when the next repair day is in your location, ask your local distributor or contact Tapepro.

  REMINDER - Wallboard Tools Kit Promotion

Last Days!

Have you checked out the Wallboard Tools Kit promotion? If not, it’s well and truly worth your while. Both kits offered in this deal are great value. The Finishing Kit includes a 200mm and 250mm Flat Box, Loading Pump, Flat Box Filler, Flat Box Handle and Extension. Purchase the Finishing Kit during the promotion and receive the Handle Extension and the Flat Box Filler FREE! The Internal Kit includes the Tapepro Corner Roller, Corner Glazer and Handle, Corner Box, and Corner Finisher. If you buy the kit – you get the Corner Glazer free!

FFB-200 Tapepro Flatbox 200mm
FFB-250 Tapepro Flatbox 250mm
FBF Tapepro Flatbox Filler Nozzle
LP-EZ Tapepro Loading Pump
FFBH-900 Tapepro Flatbox Handle 900mm
HE-600 Tapepro Flatbox Handle Extension 600mm
TFK-01 Tapepro Finishing Kit $2695.00 inc. GST
BONUS: Buy the TFK-01 during the promotional period and receive the HE-600 Tapepro Handle Extension and FBF Flatbox Filler Nozzle FREE.
WAS $2915.00 inc. GST     SAVE $220.00 inc. GST
CR-H Tapepro Corner Roller with Handle
CFH-1200 Tapepro Corner Finisher Handle 1200mm
CA-H Tapepro Corner Box with Handle
CF-75 Tapepro Corner Finisher 75mm
CG-55 Tapepro Corner Glazer 55mm
TIK-01 Tapepro Internal Kit $2040.50 inc. GST
BONUS: Buy the TIK-01 during the promotional period and receive the May New Product - CG-55 55mm Tapepro Corner Glazer FREE.
WAS $2288.00 inc. GST     SAVE $247.50 inc. GST

>> Download the Tapepro Kit Flyer

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