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JUNE 2006

    In this issue:
  • Corner Roller
  • Tips and tricks
  • Hot News! - Tapepro in the West

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Tapepro Kits

Wallboard Tools Kit Promotion.

Have you checked out the Wallboard Tools Kit promotion? If not, it’s well and truly worth your while. The internal kit includes our feature tool – the Tapepro Corner Roller, along with Corner Glazer and Handle, Corner Box, and Corner Finisher. If you buy the kit – you get the Corner Glazer free!

Make plastering faster today with the Tapepro Kits.
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  Feature Product

Tapepro is on a ROLL!

Corner Roller CR-H
Tapepro Corner RollerThe Tapepro Corner Roller has been a consistent and reliable tool and plasterers who use it find it invaluable. The Corner Roller is designed to bed-in paper tape after it has been applied to internal angles with a taping tool or by hand. The self aligning rollers force the tape into the apex of the corner and force excess compound out. Nothing beds in paper tape better.

  • Die cast aluminium body
  • Durable stainless steel rollers and bushings
  • Swivel attachment adjusts to angle

The wear parts have been grouped into a kit: the CRK01. So if your corner roller needs a freshen up, you will save money by buying the kit. (save $65 on retail inc).

Tapepro Corner Roller Repair KitIf you'd rather make the most of our service and repair function, send your tools to us via Wallboard Tool Company:

  • Full repair facility available nationwide
  • Obligation Free Quote
  • Over the counter service at branch locations
  • Quick turn around time to get your tools back in use

Check the website for downloadable repair and warranty forms.

Check out the Tapepro Corner Roller:
>> Tapepro Corner Roller

Learn more about the Tapepro Repair Kits:
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  Tapepro Tips and Tricks

Tapepro Corner Roller Tech Tip Glide through Internals

This month’s tip is for the feature product: the Tapepro Corner Roller.

Before using the Corner Roller, dip it into a bucket of water, or even put the face into a bucket of joint compound. This will provide a little initial lubrication to make the roller glide over the paper tape.

When you're checking the condition of your corner roller, check that the rollers are spinning freely and allow some lateral movement.

Also check that there is a small "V" between the rollers at the top when viewed from the end. This allows some clearance between the wall and the ends of the rollers.

>> See the Corner Roller in Action!

  HOT NEWS - Tapepro Goes West


Tapepro technician Geoff Kellahan and Wallboard Tools Sales Representatives Jim Swain and Jason Goddard recently ventured over to Western Australia to visit some Boral stores and conduct tool demonstrations. Locations visited included Mandurah, Canning Vale, Wangara, Bunbury and Albany.

The tools were very well received with a lot of interest. If you'd like some Tapepro attention – give us a call, send an email, or contact your local Tapepro or Wallboard Tools Sales Representatives.

If you would like to enquire about a Tapepro trade event please email info@tapepro.com.

  REMINDER - Wallboard Tools Kit Promotion

The Tapepro RaceGet to the Finish Line FASTER with Tapepro!

Get your motors running...

Wallboard Tools Australia together with Tapepro Drywall Tools is offering everyone a great deal between 1st May and 31st July 2006.

Wallboard Tools have packaged some of the Tapepro tools together in kits and included a Tapepro Instructional DVD! Want more? Well they are also giving away a component of each kit completely FREE!

FFB-200 Tapepro Flatbox 200mm
FFB-250 Tapepro Flatbox 250mm
FBF Tapepro Flatbox Filler Nozzle
LP-EZ Tapepro Loading Pump
FFBH-900 Tapepro Flatbox Handle 900mm
HE-600 Tapepro Flatbox Handle Extension 600mm
TFK-01 Tapepro Finishing Kit $2695.00 inc. GST
BONUS: Buy the TFK-01 during the promotional period and receive the HE-600 Tapepro Handle Extension and FBF Flatbox Filler Nozzle FREE.
WAS $2915.00 inc. GST     SAVE $220.00 inc. GST
CR-H Tapepro Corner Roller with Handle
CFH-1200 Tapepro Corner Finisher Handle 1200mm
CA-H Tapepro Corner Box with Handle
CF-75 Tapepro Corner Finisher 75mm
CG-55 Tapepro Corner Glazer 55mm
TIK-01 Tapepro Internal Kit $2040.50 inc. GST
BONUS: Buy the TIK-01 during the promotional period and receive the May New Product - CG-55 55mm Tapepro Corner Glazer FREE.
WAS $2288.00 inc. GST     SAVE $247.50 inc. GST

Wallboard Tools Account customers have the added opportunity of entering the Tapepro Race. For more details on The Race - please refer to your promotional pack.

If you need any additional promotional material please email info@tapepro.com.

>> Download the Tapepro Kit Flyer

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