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NEW Pro-Reach™ Extendable Handles!

OK - I missed the opportunity to give eNews subscribers the heads up about the Cornice Heads before they were released (see below), but Tapepro is pleased to announce the release of a tool that has been anticipated for some time - the Tapepro Pro-Reach™ Flatbox Handle.

This great new extendable handle retains the same look and feel as our existing range, and extends from 980mm to 1600mm - pretty handy for switching from wall joints to ceilings.

It is the lead item in the new range of Pro-Reach handles, which also includes the eXtendable Handle - XH, which can be used with the following attachments:

  • with CFA024 for use with straight glazers or corner finishers (CF-XH),
  • with the CRA001 Corner Roller Head CR-XH), or
  • with 55mm or 75mm Nail Spotters (NS-XH-55, NS-XH-75).
Check the features:

  • Length 980mm to 1600mm
  • Weight 1.4kg
  • Durable anodised tubes
  • Anodised head for increased wear resistance
  • Same comfortable tube size and ergonomic grip
  • Same all position brake

XH Series
  • Length 960mm to 1600mm
  • Durable anodised tubes
  • Comfortable tube size
  • CR014 common fitting for range of attachments

Available 1 Nov 08

  More New Tools

Tapepro Cornice Heads

Cornice Heads

Boy did these things take off!
We have finally had a chance to take a breath after keeping up with demand of these great new heads that make cornice fitting easier, and our great multi-purpose Compound Tubes.
If you missed it - here's the deal:

The Tapepro Cornice Head range includes:

55mm Cornice Head - CH-55
75mm Cornice Head - CH-75
90mm Cornice Head - CH-90


Makes installing cornice FASTER:
Install cornice in half the time of traditional methods.

Reduces Fatigue:
Takes the physical wear and tear out of cornice installation by reducing lifted cornice weight and improving on the clumsy hand buttering process.

Produces higher quality results:
Applies a consistent measured bead of adhesive to the wall and ceiling.

Makes less mess:
Provides more control over adhesive wastage.

  Tapepro Tips and Tricks

Using Tapepro Cornice Heads

Cornice Head


  • Pre-cut all cornice for the job.
  • Layout cornice in the room in which it will be installed.


  • Mix the cornice adhesive to a smooth, creamy consistency.
  • Fill the Compound Applicator Tube with the cornice adhesive by drawing it directly up into the tube (see CH-1).
  • Snap the Tapepro Cornice Head on the Compound Applicator Tube.
  • Before applying the cornice adhesive through the Cornice Head, run it along the wall/ceiling for 300-400mm allowing it to self-centre (see CH-2).
  • Begin applying the cornice adhesive. Hold the Compound Applicator Tube at a 45DEG angle, at arms length while walking along the wall (see CH-3).
  • Allow sufficient time for the cornice adhesive to firm so it will adequately hold the length of cornice. Firming times may differ depending on cornice size and the climate (see CH-4).
  • Tip: Apply cornice adhesive to several rooms using the Tapepro Cornice Head and Compound Applicator Tube before fitting the first length of cornice.
  • Butter and manipulate mitres as you install each piece of cornice (see CH-5 & CH-6).

Your Tapepro Cornice Head should be cleaned after each use to maximise the lifespan and maintain optimal performance.

  New Glazer!

90mm Straight Glazer

Another new addition to the range (it has been a while since the last eNews) is a big brother to the Straight Glazer range - the SG-90.
You can now finish your internals out to 90mm using the simple straight glazer technique:


  • Apply compound to the joint using a Tapepro CA-T Compound Tube and AH-38 Angle Head.
  • Attach your SG-90 to a CFH-1200 or CF-XH Handle and glaze off the compound leaving a smooth feathered edge.


  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Acetal skids and ball socket block for reduced friction and smooth operation
  • Easy snap fit to handle

NEW Catalogue


Out soon will be the brand new Tapepro catalogue, featuring all the new tools in our range. Ask for a copy at your nearest distributor.

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