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  Tapepro Innovations

The Old Flat Box Springs The Flat Box Pressure Plate Springs

We have noticed that the pressure plate springs on flat boxes can sometimes cause difficulty when opening the pressure plate (lid). The old springs shown (top right) had to flex to allow the full opening of the lid, and usually you had to assist in making them flex. Quite often, you ran out of hands.

Not any more!

The New and Improved Flat Box Springs The new springs allow easy opening of the lid, without any hindrance from the springs.

By incorporating an extended loop at one end, the spring can extend past the spring hanger when you open the lid, yet still function normally when the lid is closed.

The New and Improved Flat Box Springs

The New and Improved Flat Box Springs

The New and Improved Flat Box Springs

If you think the springs would be handy on your box, order some today! Code F042 available from Wallboard Tools. List price $6.88 inc ea.

Check out this months feature product - the Tapepro Flat Box!
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  Tapepro Tips and Tricks

Longer Lasting Seals.

Don't use solvents on your wiper seals.

Tapepro recommends using a silicone spray to protect and lubricate your tools. If you use a lubricant that contains solvents (like WD40), over time the wiper seals will harden and shrink away from the sealing surface, resulting in leaks and decreased performance.

The AT-2000 Automatic Taper is the only exception, where we recommend using a light machine oil.


Tapepro leading the way at Big 5

Tapepro - Leading the way.

Tapepro is the feature company on AME Info, a web site reporting on the upcoming BIG 5 exhibition in Dubai. The Big 5 takes place at Dubai International Exhibition Centre from 28 October to 1 November 2006, and Tapepro will be there!

Tapepro is the first Australian company to receive this exposure.

Check out the AME Info Webiste:
>> AME Info

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