350mm Flat Box

Available now is a 350mm (14″) version of the Blue2 Flat Box in both standard and booster variants. Nominal size is 350mm, however blade holder length is 375mm/14.75”.

The 350 is based on our 300mm flat box, with innovative plates that mount to the sides of the box to allow the fitting of a longer blade holder and retainer. This reduces the effort required to push compared to full width 14″ boxes – it feels the same as a 300mm/12″ box.
For even more reduced effort consider the AB-350 Booster Box with reverse springs. This allows the usual Booster box features: less effort and thicker compound. The wider the box the more the Booster is appreciated allowing easy full coverage.
Perfect for anywhere you want a wider coat: problem framing, raised shoulders, butt joints etc.
More info here: AB-350 FFB-350