Additional Flat Box Reducer Plates

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Reducer Plate setFollowing on from the success of the 200mm to 140mm reducer plate for Tapepro 200mm flat boxes, three new reducer plates are now available.
The RP-150 can be fitted to the new T-150 Flat Box, reducing the applied width of compound to 75mm. This allows you to use the T-150 Flat Box as a nail or screw spotter with two widths.
The other two reducer plates can be fitted to Tapepro 250mm flat boxes. The RP-2514 reduces the applied width to 140mm while the RP-2520 reduces from 250mm to 200mm. So with one 250mm flat box and two reducer plates you can:

  • fill the recess prior to hand taping (using RP-2514)
  • fill and finish the recess after taping (using RP-2514)
  • apply 200mm coat (using RP-2520)
  • top coat 250mm (blade width 273mm)

Installing Reducer Plate
It’s now easier than ever to start finishing with mechanical tools.
Start to Finish with one flat box!
Codes: RP-150, RP-200, RP-2514, RP-2520
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